Finalists selected to install art installation in Soul City Corridor

Two gateway structures will be installed at the entrances of the Soul City Corridor along Chicago Avenue, one at Austin Boulevard and the other at Cicero Avenue. The three artists finalists in the competition – Wesley Clark, Sonja Henderson and Bernard Williams – were introduced at an online community forum held earlier this month.

Annual Austin art ‘affair’ set for Saturday

The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. July 20 from 5900 to 5930 W. End Street. There will be a pop-up art gallery, peace garden, music and free refreshments. Sponsors include the Chicago Art Austin Council, Revelopment Management Resources, The Field Foundation, Central Austin Neighborhood Association, Third Unitarian Church, and Chicago Safe and Peaceful Communities.

“Stories Behind the Postcards” gives human face to lynching victims

There was a dark time in America’s past when postcards of African-Americans strung up in trees crisscrossed the mail system found their way into mailboxes and photo albums. Standing in front of the victims’ bodies in these sepia-toned scenes is the lynch mob – men, women and children, many grinning ear to ear, like hunters posing with a prize.