First vote passed to give CPS more time to announce school changes

by AustinTalks on November 28, 2012

Chicagoans flooded the Illinois Capitol Building Tuesday to oppose a measure to extend the Chicago Public Schools’ deadline for announcing proposed school changes to be enforced at the close of the current academic year.

Despite protests, the Illinois House Executive Committee voted unanimously to approve the measure, according to Chicago Catalyst reporter Jim Broadway.

The vote is the first step toward an amendment to Senate Bill 547, which currently requires school changes to be announced by Dec. 1. If passed, CPS will have until March 31 to make the announcement. The Illinois House of Representatives and Senate will still have to approve the measure before it moves to Gov. Pat Quinn to be signed into law, according to Chicago Catalyst.

Concerned residents oppose the move because they say it will give CPS time to plan massive school closure across the city.

Read “Lawmakers vote to give CPS more time to decide school closings” by Chicago Catalyst for the entire story.



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