The importance of helping others

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No More Hunger
By Cierra R.

No more hunger, no more pain,
We can help it, make a change.
A world without hunger,
How can it be?
Well, I can tell you, donate with me.
Some may not know or may not care,
No matter what reason, it is still there
Just come and donate, give what you can.
Spread the word to others,
They’ll understand.
I think of that woman just down the street,
Caring for three children who just want to eat.
Or maybe that man who is sick with hunger.
If he had just one meal,
he would be starving no longer.
When you have no money,
you may not give,
But when you do have it,
think of how others live.
No need to go to Haiti or way out of town,
Hungry people are everywhere, just look around.
Now do your part and place in your heart,
Don’t look the other way, join the fight today.

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