The spiritual stimulus plan

April 5, 2020
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So what do we do? How did we let this happen? Why does it feel like we are in a political television show that is too far-fetched to be believable?

Your faith is your currency

Where does your faith lie – in these politicians or the most high? Where does your faith lie – in a virus or the most high? Where does your faith lie – in fear or the most high?

I don’t care if you believe in Jesus, Allah, God, the universe, Mother Nature or Dan; you must believe in a power that is stronger than the government. Your faith is your currency now. So your faith must be plentiful and diversified, with various streams of prosperity.

Your God is as strong as your faith. So how will strengthen your faith in these times of uncertainty? You must become certain in your conviction that everything is working out in divine order. Even when it seems like your world is burning.

Who are you?

Our (s)elected politicians serve Big Corporations as their citizens. So what does that make us in their eyes? The real question is: When are you going to stop believing you are not enough and stand up for yourself, your children and grandchildren?

America is not a flag or a song or a symbol. America is the people. You define what America is – and what Americans do.

Your divine whisper

You know that voice in your head, that voice that only you can hear, that voice that’s never wrong, that voice that can see into the future and tell you not to make that right turn or tells you to take your butt home?

We call it our instincts, intuition or our first mind. Make it your accomplished goal to build an intimate relationship with that voice in your head. Become one with that light, the divine whisper. 

Protect it at all costs. It’s the one sanctuary that can’t be tampered with without your permission. So how do you connect with your divine whisper?

Just as it is vital that we boost our immune system with vitamin C, zinc and rest right now; we must boost our mind, body and soul with meditation, victorious vernacular and heroic inner visions.

Infuse your spirit with meditation that works for you, uplifting mantras and two-minute mental movies directed by you where everything is working out. Vibrate higher, you are what you think. Feed your mind nutritious thoughts.

Below is a prayer/meditation: 

Close your eyes

Inhale, exhale

Take deep calming, loving breaths

Let go of expectations and judgment

Let go of trying to clear your mind

Just … let … go

You thrive during times of uncertainty

Fear is not fertile, so become the seed and the soil

Your happiness is your secret weapon and attracts blissful vibrations

You have all your needs coming with ease and speed

You have a ball watching the universe surprise and delight you

Everything is working out for you in divine order

You are a love and light being

Live in the light

Live in the light

 Live in the light

Thrive over just surviving

We are isolated physically right now. Like senses, when you take one away, the other parts of us must get stronger. So strengthen your mind with creative, stimulating exercises. Writing this article was medicinal and a healthy challenge for me.

Ideas that come from you, that do not have easy conclusions enflame your curiosity, creativity and critical-thinking skills. Here are a few activities you can do today:

  • Write a poem
  • Write a book
  • Create a gratitude wall with your kids
  • Color on the floor with your babies
  • Dance with your children to a concert on your big screen like you were there
  • Create a unique at-home yoga sequence and share
  • Create a unique at-home workout and share
  • Create a five-minute stand-up set
  • Fall out of your comfort zone and do something that scares and excites you
  • Start a business based on what ignites your spirit
  • Build a brand from your core values
  • Create virtual care packages and send them out
  • Cold call a loved one and tell them what you love and appreciate about them

Freedom from Time

For the first time since I was a baby, I am not a slave to time. I know for some people that may be a boring or torturous place, but once you realize that you come from a Great Creator and that you yourself are a Great Creator, then you will be able to use your imagination and grow like the flowers and leaves that are budding as we speak.

There is so much fear and misinformation on the idiot box and on social media always, but especially now. Remember, it all starts in the mind.  Something you can do that will relieve stress and fear immediately is to make sure that 90 to 95% of what you listen to, watch, and read is educational, uplifting, empowering, positive, hilarious, entertaining and/or thrill-creating content. This is key.

Watch things that make you laugh out loud; call people who you get excited about when they cross your mind; listen to music that send chills and thrills throughout your body.

Your true purpose

Are you on this earth to work a 9-to-5 job that you hate? I seriously doubt that. You are here for another vital reason. It’s that thing that makes you say, “Wow!” That thing that creates chills and thrills from within. It’s the unexpected laughter that knocks you off your feet and flow tears of bliss down your cheeks.

Your true self lives in what gives your life love and light. My family and friends give my life love and light. Stories feed my soul. Music soothes my tension. Creativity is my life and my light. What gives your life love and light? Answer that question, then you find your purpose.

Formulate your crew

Who do you funk with, for real? Google and research masterminds and create one. Video chat with loved ones. Call people who you love that you have not spoken to in ages. Call people who you fell out with and forgive; forgive yourself and others. Connect and collaborate with like-minded people.

Once you find the God in you, you can see God in people, feel that wonderful presence in the wind, see Mother Nature’s art gallery in the flowers and trees; and use your third-eye vision to see beyond your potential in caterpillars and butterflies.

Whether it’s sunny or gloomy, your light shines bright. You and your crew, stop being conditional and reaction-living folks. Start creating your world with the foundation of faith being your currency, becoming one with the God within, finding your purpose and formulating your crew. Looks like you have plenty to do.

Daryl Satcher has taught at Columbia College Chicago since 2003 and been a professional actor since 2002. He is a theatre artist/restorative storyteller, having produced, written, directed and acted in three plays. This past year, he became a yoga instructor and got certified in mental health first aid training.

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