Austin lawmaker sponsors restorative justice meeting

March 26, 2013
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Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) and members of the House Restorative Justice Committee held a town hall meeting at Loyola University to give all Illinoisans the same opportunity.

Last Saturday, the members discussed issues of fairness in the justice system and equal access to education, jobs and health care.

“As chairman of the Restorative Justice Committee, I am excited that we came together to continue the work to restore justice in Illinois,” said Ford in a press release.

The meeting was coordinated by Loyola students, and the students helped lead a group discussion on policies promoting civil liberties and rehabilitation in the justice system.

“I was pleased to see our law students jump in and participate in a wonderful,  hands-on opportunity, learning from restorative justice practitioners, legislators and people affected by the current criminal justice system,” said Mary Bird, professor at the Loyola School of Law and director of public service programs.

Restorative justice brings a different model of practice, leveling the playing field for every community.

“This meeting proves that we can work together on the policy changes necessary to make Illinois a land of opportunity for everyone.”

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