Austin victim says police didn’t do their job

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“Don’t play with me,” the woman hollered out in the darkened driveway, thinking the crouching figure was her son playing a trick.

By the third time she had called out into the dark and had gotten no response, she realized whoever it was, it wasn’t her son.

“I turned around. I jumped in the car. As I was opening the door, I saw him in my driver’s side mirror,” Austin resident Trina B. told Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell.

Mitchell did not identify her by her full name because eight women on the West Side have been robbed and sexually assaulted since late August, and no one has been apprehended in the attacks.

On Oct. 6 at 1:45 a.m., Trina B. was robbed at gun-point in her driveway, which is only a sprint away from the 15th District Police Station.

But Trina B. told Mitchell she didn’t receive the help from police that she expected. Instead, she was told fill out a report while she worried about her kids who were still at home and her attacker – still on the loose – could get her keys that had been dropped during the attack.

To read the full story published in the Chicago Sun-Times, click here.


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