Stand For Children Illinois stands for billionaires and corporations

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Today at 6 p.m., representatives of the Chicago Teachers Union and Stand for Children Illinois will discuss competing legislative proposals concerning teacher evaluation.

Stand for Children, a Portland-Ore. based education group, has proposed legislation that will effectively gut teacher unions statewide. The Chicago Teachers Union and its Illinois teachers union affiliates are proposing competing legislation in Springfield.

Before I go further, please understand that I am a Kool-Aid drinking supporter of unions, but those that know me know that I will support policies and legislation that makes sense for educating African-American children, unions be damned; however, billionaires and corporations are again vilifying unions through its’ front organization, Stand for Children.

Stand for Children Illinois, like its nation parent organization, claims that it is fighting to reform the education of children, but on further examination of its Web site, it is no more than a tool for corporations and its billionaire supporters to wage class warfare against working-class families, poor families and poor children.

Stand for Children national board of directors is made up of charter school advocates and venture capitalists.

Go to and, or Google “Stand for Children.” Within their Web sites, you will find the truth about the billionaires and corporations bankrolling Stand for Children.

The billionaires and corporations who support Stand for Children Illinois are the same architects of the failed Renaissance 2010 Plan that has only led to the privatization of schools.

Stand for Illinois Political Action Committee raised a staggering $3 million as of the end of 2010 – before a new Illinois law capping campaign contributions took effect. It is effectively using its money to sway the elected officials who are supposed to work for working families.

The wealthy Chicagoans who gave generously to Stand for Children IL PAC include the famed billionaire Pritzker family ($250,000 total).  Ken Griffin, the CEO of the Citadel Group, contributed $500,000.  Ken Griffin also contributed thousand of dollars to the campaign of Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Brady. The same Bill Brady who wanted to slash 10 percent from education and give tax cuts to big businesses.

Neither Stand for Children Illinois or the Chicago Teachers Union has any parental involvement and development component in their competing legislation. Parental involvement is the crucial component of any child receiving a quality education.

I have to stand up against Stand for Child because it is a tool conduct a stealth Wisconsin style gutting of unions. I ask that you do the same.

In this situation, it is major Democrats who are pushing the agenda of the billionaires and corporations.

Join us tonight at 6 at New Birth Christian Center, 5335 W. Lemoyne St. Or e-mail me your comments to

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