Some students want the right to wear their own clothes to school

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By Eddonishia Jones

When I am wearing my blue jeans and gray shirt, I get more work done. I feel more comfortable, and I wish I could skip our school uniform on half-day Wednesdays.

Students should be able to express themselves and get a break from wearing our school uniform.

Ms. Albano, a V.O.I.S.E. substitute teacher, agrees: “They should because it gives them a chance to show they can dress and have style. It is a chance to dress cool and be grown up and make decisions.”

Getting to wear everyday clothes some of the time would help students learn how to be more mature.

But some people object to letting students wear what they want because of the danger of wearing inappropriate clothes and outfits that would be viewed as gang related. But I think if certain rules are followed, then danger can be avoided.

V.O.I.S.E. Principal Todd Yarch tells students not to wear signs on their uniform shirts, earrings, hats or belts buckles to school. This helps to keep the students away from gang members when they are walking to and from school.

Yarch is personally not a fan of uniforms, but he worries some students wouldn’t wear appropriate clothes, which cause distraction. He says he wouldn’t have a problem with students coming out of uniform if they wear the right clothes.

Why not allow students to earn the right to wear their own clothes some of the time, like on Wednesdays? Students could be required to have perfect attendance, not get in trouble and get good grades.

Let’s give it a try!

8 thoughts on “Some students want the right to wear their own clothes to school

  1. Sure, teachers don’t have enough to do! (sarcasm). Now give them spreadsheets to learn all the gang colors and dress codes appropriate and inappropriate during school hours. Lets face it, each school and each teacher will have their own personal definition of what’s appropriate to wear. I’m not a statistician but, I’m sure implementing this policy will take away valuable time better spent teaching the skills our children need to get through this world. Let the parents teach their children how to be mature.

    There is a “mature” reason why uniforms long have been mandatory in schools. Once you research this important practice you might change your position.

  2. I do agree with you that out of uniforms allow students to express themselves. That is a good way to express yourself at school because every student looks the same if they wear uniforms. But in a way uniforms also help students avoid from being picked on for expressing themselves. Luckily our school is very accepting toward diversity and different styles.

  3. i agree because people be wear their uniforms every day and they don’t wash them and that why they had to change the gym uniform because they was dirty

  4. Maybe if we had less uniform issues, Mr. Yarch wouldn’t have a problem with us coming out of uniform. But then students would be late for school everyday, it takes time to look good. When we have out of uniform days, I’m never here the time I usually get here. But that’s my opinion.

  5. Children should be able to. It would save teachers time from having to do a Wardrobe Search daily, handing out suspensions and detentions, allowing our to youth to ACTUALLY learn something, instead of them learning to be vengeful toward the teacher that rediculed them in front of the whole study body causing even more interuptions for everyone. Second… our local school boards wouldnt be in violation of freedom of expression… most only “thought” this was a good idea to prevent harmful damage, now are kids are more stupid than they were 5 years.

  6. i think we should wear our own clothes because it hepls us express our fashion more it keep from causing trouble if kids dont have their belts r shirt not tuck in REALLY im tired of it i feel more comfitable in my own clothes it keep me from being like others its like u copying other plp when u have on the same uniform as them and to me thats just…… but truly and honestly i think we should wear out of uniform

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