Religion should be kept out of schools

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By Amber Richardson

Religion isn’t the best thing to discuss in school. Discussing religion at school can ruin  friendships and cause arguments. So keep your churches, religions and beliefs at home.

But others think it’s OK for religion to be discussed – within reason.

“I think religion could be discussed as long as teachers are not promoting a religion. But, discussing the history and importance is good,” said Greg Bosignore, a reading specialist at V.O.I.S.E. Academy.

Religion is your beliefs about God, heaven, Christ, the devil, hell or anything that involves the Bible or other religious books. It’s based on if you believe or not, and how you feel about these topics. There are Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhists, and more.

Should schools be allowed to discuss religion and church inside of class? NO!

Some schools have diversity. Some schools are public. Some are private. And there are religious schools, so if you want to talk about religion, you should attend one of those schools. It’s inappropriate to blend school with church. They are two different places: school is for education, and church is for worship and praise.

“I am Christian because I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and got up on the third day with all power in his hands,” says Junior Joshua Adams. He once had a disagreement with another student about holidays and whether they should be celebrated.

Mixing church with school can cause problems, like offending someone. Students may feel alone because they can’t relate to those who are in the majority of the same religion. Lastly, someone may disagree with the facts, and start to argue back and forth, distracting everyone from their school work.

The Anti-Defamation League recommends that school districts set forth clear policies regarding religion in the public schools that satisfy both the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment.

Even with a policy in place, schools should not discuss religion because it belongs in church. Students shouldn’t have to worry about feeling alone or threatened because they are a different religion – or follow no religion.

5 thoughts on “Religion should be kept out of schools

  1. First off lets get it correct. Its not religion that you should be talking about in class, but faith should be discussed, and they are 2 different things. You have to see it this way, there are a lot of bad people that have religions (KKK, Al Queada, Gand Bangers even have it). I believe that it should be discussed in the class rooms, you have a lot of children running around here that don’t know right from wrong, because there is no faith in their systems, and if they can’t get it at home, give o them in school. This country is so PC right now, that they are afraid to offend anyone. Well talk about all faiths, all walks of life.

    • There is no such thing as the truth. Who determines what the truth really is? There are way too many religions in the world to try to teach just one which is Christianity.

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