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By Sydney Miller

Do you think that virginity is a virtue? Do you believe in moral values? These questions are pushed and tossed around by our generation and the answer to this question varies. Some people say if you’ve lost your virginity by a certain age, a young age, you don’t have any moral values.

Vikia Thurman, a junior, says, “I don’t think [students] should lose their virginity so young. They don’t know what [sex] is, and they don’t understand what it means to give themselves to someone.”

Do you agree?

Vikia thinks the correct age for someone to lose their virginity would be 17 years of age. Around that age, she believes, someone is much more “mature” for this situation.

Let’s see what her V.O.I.S.E. Academy classmates said. I took a survey around the school this fall, asking random students – freshmen, sophomores, and juniors – about this “touchy” topic that is very important to our generation.

Too young to have sex

11yrs-13yrs 86%

14 yrs-16yrs 10%

17yrs-18yrs 5%

Old enough to have sex

12yrs-14yrs  5%

15yrs-17yrs  15%

18+                 80%

Why should cell phones be allowed in school?

By Ramone Simmons

Teenagers use their cell phones like oxygen; they act like they can’t live without them. This generation of high school students doesn’t remember a time when people didn’t use cell phones. It is very normal for today’s teen to carry a cell phone to keep in touch with their family, friends, and, sometimes, even their coaches and teachers. So if cell phones are so important to teenagers’ lives, why is it against school policy to have them?

V.O.I.S.E. Academy students and teachers were surveyed to find out whether or not they believe cell phones should be allowed in school. Here are some of their responses:


  • Andrea Tousant says cell phones should be allowed in school because something might happen to you in school.
  • “Students need cell phones in case of emergencies,” said Jakia Sykes.
  • Monique Robinson said cell phones should be used in school “in case you want to text.”
  • Kenya Williamson says, “Students need phones in school JUST BECAUSE.”
  • “Students need phones,” said Tieara Gray.


  • Justin David says students “just should” have cell phones in school.
  • Lamont William said students should have cell phones “in case of emergencies.”
  • “If something’s going on with your family, you can’t rely on the school office to use their phone,” said Kadazia Akins.
  • Sebastian McKamg says, “It might be an emergency and you need to call you parents.”
  • Porchia Wright said students need cell phones “for emergency uses.”


  • Shauntalei Brown says students should have cell phones in case of an emergency.
  • Latarius Mays said students should have a cell phone “if someone wants to contact you.”
  • DeAnthony Shelton was quoted saying that students should use phones “for emergencies because the school doesn’t allow you use their phone.”
  • Diamond Johnson says, “When students get a break, they should be allowed to use their phones.”
  • Students should use cell phones “for emergency uses,” said Keshon Greaves


  • Ms. Smith, a junior English teacher, said, “Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in school.”
  • Ms. McEwen, the Special Education Case Manager and junior English teacher, said, “Cell phones aren’t needed in school.”
  • “Cell phones are a huge distraction to students. They shouldn’t be allowed in school,” Ms. Ward, a junior social studies teacher, said.

Overall, it seems that most students believe that cell phones should be allowed in school in case of emergencies, but teachers believe that cell phones are a distraction. So what is more important for students while they’re in school, addressing an emergency or solely focusing on their academics?

15 thoughts on “Student V.O.I.S.E. – Speak the truth

  1. I think your age really doesn’t matter when you have sex. If your mentally ready and prepared what comes with it. Then your ready to have sex. But its best to wait.

  2. I think that as teenagers, we should think about what it really means to have sex with someone. I think its more than a physical thing, you have to think about the emotions attached to your actions. If you decide to have sex at a certain age. Which i think is 17 , as Vikia Thurman stated. It doesn’t mean you do not have any morals, if a person feels they want to go through with having sex, no one can really stop that feeling.

  3. I agree with Vikia in Sydney’s article. In reality, the female body isn’t developed until 18 years of age. So either way it goes anything below that is too young.

  4. I think that there is no correct age to lose your virginity because everyone has their own growth, so if you feel like your ready than that’s you.

  5. VERY NICE!!!!!!!! but yes a female will have moral’s becuase they not an virgin anymore. It’s really not an big deal but really they should because that’s messed up how people just out hear like that

  6. we should be allowed to use cell phones in school in case there is a emergency. I think that students shouldn’t have sex at a young age they should wait until they are a little older.

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