Introducing the V.O.I.S.E. of Austin

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Come one, come all to consume the first edition of the V.O.I.S.E. Academy’s online newspaper, Code Blue.

This is a historical moment because it’s the first year the 11th grade Journalism students of V.O.I.S.E. Academy are writing and publishing articles about their school community on the 9-month-old AustinTalks community news Web site.

V.O.I.S.E. (Virtual Opportunities in a School Environment) is one of three high schools located on the Austin High School campus and the youngest of the three. The junior class will be the first V.O.I.S.E. Academy graduating class in the spring of 2012.

It is, therefore, with great enthusiasm that the junior class has decided to create Code Blue.

Please enjoy the voices of our students as they research and interview their school and community members about the issues that they believe are important to a young person’s life in the Austin community.

Let us know what you think by commenting on the individual stories, or contact us in care of

Ms. J. Wernick

Journalism Teacher

V.O.I.S.E. Academy

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