What should change on Chicago Avenue?

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City transportation officials want your input about major changes being considered along the Soul City Corridor.

West Side residents have until Sept. 22 to take a 16-question survey about the character of the Chicago Avenue corridor, which extends from Austin Boulevard to Cicero Avenue, and the $21 million project’s priorities.

The Chicago Department of Transportation is conducting the corridor improvement project as part of INVEST South/West.

The project will build off the Soul City Corridor Development Framework Plan and the Austin Forward Together quality-of-life plan, and it’s aim is to provide a safe, walkable and attractive street that will foster economic growth.

The project is in the early stages of design, with more public meetings planned in coming months; the first meeting was held Aug. 24, as reported here by AustinTalks. The meeting was recorded and posted along with the presentation slides here.

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