Austin native shares poem that speaks to these times

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Rise up King

By Renissa Keys

Get up off your knees

That’s exactly where they expect you to stay

Always enslaved to the wicked ways of the one who stole our Grandsmothers from the Motherland called Africa.

As she weeped for over 400 years from the babies stolen from the Kenya the bottom part of her heart.

Rise up King

See yourself for who you are


Not the kind that man decide

But royal as in such

That it runs thru your blood.

Pulsating in your veins

Giving your beating heart the nutrients it needs to feed the brain.

It’s your birthright

The inheritance you’re due

Reparation is a good start but no enough for what they caused you.

Rise up King!

Take your place

Your thrown awaits

Even though obstacles may be in the way.

You are made for this

Conquering all

Inventing, devising , designing ,originating, formulating and creating it all.

That’s why they lock you up

Take your children

Run you away!

Don’t let them

You must stay!

For the enemy is on his way

Coming to convince your sons and daughter’s that they are nothing!

So that he may keep mother Africa’s Children

Kidnapped, unaware and enslaved that’s the Willie Lynch way.

So Rise up King

No time to waste

Mother Africa is depending on you

Yesterday is a day to late.

Renissa Keys was born in the Austin area and attended grade school at Herbert Spencer Math and Science Academy. Even when Keys moved from her Austin/Lawndale community, she continued to volunteer at local schools and churches in the area. Keys, a mother, actress and writer, is a member of Greater St. John M.B. Church, where she continues to services her community and empower women, men and youth with her testimony.

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