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August 11, 2020
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Now more than ever, in this time of a global pandemic, the need for critical funding in health care, education and other community resources is great. Your count in the 2020 Census is essential for the future of you and your neighbors.

There are plenty of rumors that go around regarding the U.S. Census, so here are the facts:

  1. There is no citizenship question on the census.
  2. Your information cannot be share with the law or used against you.
  3. The Census questionnaire will NEVER ask you for your Social Security number, bank information, money/donations or political questions.

If you or someone you know feels uncertain about any information regarding the #2020census, you can email for verification.

The Census will determine how billions of dollars in public funding are spent over the next decade. Any undercount will mean a loss of our full share of federal resources to improve city services, such as public transportation, road and bridge repairs, health care, schools and more.

In fact, for each person not counted, about $14,000 in federal funding is lost – that could equal hundreds of millions of dollars in resources lost that could help the region grow.

If you have not already completed the Census, you can do so online today at

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