The cookout is cancelled

June 30, 2020
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The cookout is cancelled.

Allies to black life must be willing to die for the Black Lives Matter movement

No cookout for 2020.

I mean the proverbial gathering with cousins and extended family.

That shit is over.

Too many of y’all inviting Karen and Chad based off one of their sexy Black Lives Matter posts.

Historically, we as the African diaspora in America have been so forgiving.

Black life after black life gets murdered in the street and home.

Fuck a barbecue.

There’s nothing to celebrate.

June 19, 1865, never solidified our freedom.

In recent weeks, black men were found hanging from trees.

Karen and Chad were nowhere to be found.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for against to protests but never called Colin Kaepernick by name.

 People do not protest for arrests.

The systemic racism in law enforcement, education, housing and healthcare simmers to a tipping point.

The NRA stands behind shooters as long as they are white.

The Black Panther Party understood Second Amendment Rights, and J. Edgar Hoover decided that they would be classified as terrorists.

Let the streets burn.

Tea Party.

Revolutionary War.

Confederate traitors lynching black people and murdering Union soldiers.

Voter suppression.

Freedom Rides.

These are the allies.

Leaving trails of white carcasses to the struggle of black equality.

No cookout. No barbecue.

No stepping in the name of love.

America has never shown love to its native son.

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