After School Matters accepting applications for the summer

April 22, 2019
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After School Matters is accepting teen applications for its summer 2019 program session, which begins the week of June 24.

More than 700 programs in the arts, communications and leadership, sports and STEM will be offered at various Chicago Public Schools, as well as Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Library and community organization locations throughout the city.

In total, about 13,000 paid apprenticeship and internship opportunities will be available. Participating teen apprentices will be eligible to earn a stipend of up to $420 depending on the program level; interns can earn up to $10.50 per hour.

Teens can search and apply for summer programs online at Application features include an interactive map to help teens search for programs and a full Spanish translation on a mobile-friendly platform.

After School Matters programs offer teens an opportunity to expand their subject-matter specific skills, while also developing critical thinking skills in collaboration, problem-solving, social awareness and more.

All After School Matters programs are free and open to Chicago high school students who are at least 14 years old (16 years old for internships). As part of the application process, teens interview with program instructors to discuss their interests. Teens are encouraged to apply early, as program opportunities fill up quickly.

For questions about programs and applications, call (312) 742-4182 or email

While West Side teens are encouraged to apply for opportunities citywide, here is what will be available in Austin:

AfriCaribbean ArtsConnections AfriCaribbean Arts Connections is a cultural education program that has it all. This program incorporates dance, music, and textile art to help teens connect to their roots from the West Side of Chicago, throughout the city, to Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Come discover the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of the arts, in a program that features guest speakers, college connections, and collaborative events within the community! Teens take part in a final performance to showcase all they learn throughout the program.
AIM Studio – Austin Join AIM Studio – Austin and learn the fundamental physical and dramatic skills of pantomime dance! Teens learn to use dance to highlight violence and other issues facing them in their communities. Utilizing the skills they develop through AIM Studio, teens enjoy multiple opportunities to give back to the community through performances and service.
Austin STEM Learning Center Intern As a STEM Learning Center Intern you will help to provide quality care and supervision to children in a classroom setting. You will work with the lead facilitator to assist with administrative tasks. You will help ensure communication to parents and assist in the maintenance of the classroom environment.
Brand BUILD Learn to build your own business! Brand BUILD engages young men and women in a unique program integrating entrepreneurship and small business skills with leadership development, mentoring and peer support. Through this program youth acquire the skills necessary to build their own business and create fine jewelry pieces by creating patterns and designs and utilizing tools, wire wrapping, and clasping. In addition, instructors and youth facilitate group discussions on current and relevant events that affect local communities in order to engage all individuals in the group to promote personal and professional growth.
BUILD Youth Council INDAGLO (The Light Within the Darkness), BUILDs youth-led, staff facilitated Youth Council, represents the diversity of BUILD’s programs and communities. Members serve as a leadership group for obtaining input regarding issues that concern youth, establishing a baseline of research for program design and creating opportunities for information sharing and training that address issues of concern. Indaglo also secures youth input on evaluation, design and development of BUILD programs. Examples of Indaglos leadership development activities includes: life skills workshops; peace/anti-gang violence rallies; community cleanups; and peer-facilitated workshops on topics such as encouraging diversity and community engagement, preventing youth violence, as well as promoting awareness on matters of dating violence, drugs, and gangs in the community. Indaglo is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the annual youth-lead conference with partner organizations, focusing on issues identified by youth as the most relevant, while promoting health and wellness. The youth council and staff of BUILD approach these challenges through prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, and community outreach strategies. Indaglo is based on the belief that through a positive peaceful space and an asset based youth development approach that youth can become positive ambassadors in their community.
dreaM Endlessly Career Exploration dreaM Endlesslys Prep to dreaM program focuses on building self-confidence and promoting self-exploration through exposure to various career professionals! Come join the dreaM Team, with our hands-on, interactive projects that will help YOU find the career options that are best for you!
Environmental Adventurers Environmental Adventurers is for high school students to develop their own research questions about the biodiversity in Chicago’s built environment. Teens collaborate with urban ecologists and develop an understanding of ecological relationships between humans, urbanization, and the environment. This environmental education program focuses on four major areas: animal tracking, botany, entomology and climate change and its impact on animal and plant life adaptation. The program infuses the students ability to teaching others and all activities are connected to NGSS.
EPIC SUMMER – Playwriting Intensive Do you have a story to tell? Learn how to tell stories through writing and producing plays at EPIC SUMMER. You will create original short plays and monologues while working as a writing and acting ensemble. You will work to develop the theme, then as writers, actors and a production team produce a festival of short plays. You will gain experience in acting, costuming, designing set and props or managing or marketing a production.
Green Star Bricolage @ Michele Clark Participants learn the fundamentals of mosaic, sculpture, photography, and painting, in order to create a large-scale bricolage mural in their community. Students work with industry professionals to learn the basics of public art and design, and develop leadership and cooperation abilities through numerous projects.
Junior Cybernavigator Intern @ North Austin Working under CPL staff, CyberTeen interns will help with a variety of digital or technological projects such as scanning documents and images, making photocopies, completing inventories, building technical kits, and more.
Male Mogul Initiative This program is intended to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of personal leadership skills, business creation, and self-sustainability. Teen will establish self-worth and accountability and apply moral principles to business creation.
MAPSCorps @ Build, Inc. Teens are trained in data collection by MAPSCorps staff, including university researchers and college students. The objective of the MAPSCorps Assistantship is to provide meaningful and productive STEM work opportunities for youth. Teens walk the blocks of Chicago neighborhoods identifying and collecting information about what they see: businesses, transportation, parks, community buildings and public services. Teens then take their research to support a factual statement about neighborhoods in Chicago that can help residents, community organizations, researchers, and policymakers to design programs that impact the vitality of their community.
Michele Clark School Assistant The Michele Clark School Assistant is in charge of documenting all ASM programs at Clark and is responsible for preparing and submitting weekly highlights to ASM staff. He/she also provides administrative support to the ASM school liaison and takes the lead in planning the closing celebrations. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age to apply.
Move Me Soul Move Me Soul teaches participants about the value of artistic expression and empowerment by integrating participants into their dance company. Teens learn how to produce a performance and create a dance portfolio, and benefit from workshops designed to build confidence and improve performance. Participants are expected to have basic dance skills in order to fully participate in the program.
Move Me Soul-Just Move Move Me Soul is an artistic explosion of dance, spoken word and life skills. It is a dance company facilitated by youth that provides a positive sense of future by providing opportunities for creative expression and empowerment through dance and life skills enhancement. The goal of the program is to teach youth how to function as a dance company by providing leadership opportunities and empowerment through dance and life skills. Teens benefit from innovative dance and life skill workshops that provide them with tools that enhance their confidence and performance ability. By the end of the program teens know how to produce a dance performance and how to create a dance portfolio. The final product is a teen produced community dance performance. Teens work together with Move Me Soul and Set Design team to create final performances.
Safe at Home Umpire Apprenticeship Teens in this program will learn a variety of baseball skills. The teens will learn about the fundamentals of baseball and how to become an umpire. The teens will also learn the importance of teamwork.
STEM Teaching Internship at West Side STEM Center As a STEM Learning Center Intern you will help to provide quality care and supervision to children in a classroom setting. You will work with the lead facilitator to assist with administrative tasks. You will help ensure communication to parents and assist in the maintenance of the classroom environment. Key skills: stay calm and clearheaded under stress, brings energy and enthusiasm to work, team work ethic.
Summer Learning Intern @ North Austin Working under CPL staff and YOUmedia grant support, Summer Learning Interns will gain behind-the-scenes library experience to develop a better understanding of the day-to-day operations around summer engagement programs for children and teens. Interns will work closely with branch staff to support art and STEM activities and programming, branch tours and outreach, as well as have a chance to co-design and co-facilitate a public program.
TSG B-Ball Skills & Management @ ACCA The Support Group B Ball Skills and Management Camp program is designed for students to learn not only critical skills in basketball, but to also learn the many jobs and opportunities that surround basketball, which include: coaching, refereeing, clock management, trainer and many other critical positions. At the conclusion of the program students have the skills and understanding of running their own basketball camp, and basketball program. This program will be enhanced with guest speakers and coaches, and a field trips that develop students perspective on basketball management. Throughout the program TSG’s network of business will provide guest speakers and field trip opportunities that connect teens to the business community.
Urban Hardball (and Softball) Urban Hardball is a community initiative created to encourage teens in Chicago to participate in baseball/softball little league. Teens in this program train to become empires and coaches, by learning the rules of baseball and softball and developing their leadership and communication skills. Teens are able to practice what they learn through opportunities to work with little league programs.
West African Djembe Drumming The West African Djembe Drumming apprenticeship program explores the rich tradition of the West African Djembe drum, its music, geographic/ethnic origins and cultural significance. Apprentices learn about the djembe drum and the cultures it comes from. Teens develop skills in basic hand techniques for djembe drumming, stick techniques for dunun drumming, and learn the traditional rhythms. Teens work together to plan and perform in a final showcase performance.
You Got Served Culinary Program – NEBC (Austin) You Got Served is a culinary learning experience for teens who are looking to gain skills in gourmet food prep, presentation, and service. The Menu includes: Knife skills, food styling, plating, creating your own recipes, and more! “You Got Served” apprentices receive mentoring that focuses on building relationships, supporting their communities, and displaying leadership in their academic, professional, and family lives.
Young Leaders Empowerment Initiative Leadership Development program that prepares you and young adults as leaders for themselves and immediate family first and ultimately their community. Through Leadership Development, education and career trajectory planning, and entrepreneurship training youth and emerging adults will be prepared to be positive contributors to their families and communities. Through leadership development, education and career trajectory planning and entrepreneurship training. Participants will learn how to monetize a product/service and utilize best practices to establish a profitable business while integrating guest expert speakers and field experience.

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