The obvious pattern of racism gets ignored

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White kids being killed in a Florida high school get more attention than an unarmed black man being shot 20 times, murdered in his grandmother’s backyard.

A black woman gets shot three times and dies stumbling out of a car, yet a white man placing explosives that killed black men is not a terrorist.

The officer who killed Alton Sterling will not be charged.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty.

Tamir Rice.

Sandra Bland.

Mike Brown.

Philando Castile.

Freddie Gray.

How many more Kalief Browders are sitting in jails across America?

Why is it that white people refuse to notice the pattern?

Why aren’t there more white people telling other white people that killing unarmed black men and women is wrong?

Why is the story still about Colin Kaepernick kneeling and not the cause of his kneeling?

Why is it difficult for whites to note that the angry white men with guns who have committed the atrocities in local schools are domestic terrorists?

Why are white people so scared to label other white people racists?

Bigotry in this country is not the responsibility of black people.

We just deal with burden and consequence. We feel the doors of oppression slam in our faces. We get harsh reminders every news cycle about how black men and women can be killed with no consequence.

Black is the justifier for justifiable homicide.

We see the blood stains on concrete from strange fruit.

I wonder if white families gather around the computer and celebrate viral lynching like once upon a time during Jim Crow.

Why is it that we refuse to believe that hate is the very fabric of this experiment?

When white people become junkies and addicts it becomes an epidemic. All of a sudden we need federal resources and task forces to resolve the issue.

Who won the war on drugs?

All of this seems so obvious that my only conclusion is that white people secretly support these white people that commit actions against minorities.

See the rise of Donald Trump as evidence.

There is no way that good, God-fearing people who believe in the 2nd Amendment would let their fellow citizens endure such travesties and act like things are normal.

Maybe they don’t.

Blacks are not seen as equal and free. We still hear “you people,” “go back to Africa,” “Niggers” and other epithets.

So long as you aren’t black you have every right to feel pride in your heritage even if that means not having proper documentation or coming here illegally of your own free will.

But you aren’t black!

You can be gay and black. The gay pride protects you enough for you to get married.

But there is no shelter from being black.

We don’t get to skip the chapter in the unwritten rule book of how to act when you get pulled over.

We don’t get to skip the “you speak for the entire race” in conversations where you are the only black person in the classroom.

And no matter how much pride you felt while learning of Wakanda, there was a question from a white person that made you frown.

The evidence is overwhelming, and I am tired.

It takes an emotional toll on the psyche.

I just wish there were more good white people in the fight.

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