Some Austin schools to lose more money

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Data released Friday shows that several Austin schools will lose funding because fewer students were counted on “enrollment day” earlier this month.

On the 10th day of the school year, when the count was taken at all Chicago Public Schools, there were fewer students at all three of the Austin Multiplex schools.

Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy had 100 students, down from the projected 129. Austin Polytechnical Academy was expected to have 162 students, but had 123. And V.O.I.S.E. Academy, projected to have 221 students, had 193.

That means V.O.I.S.E will receive $73,676 less, while Austin Business and Entrepreneurship will lose $460,841 and Austin Polytech will be down $669,620.

Oscar DePriest Elementary School recorded 615, down from the 679 students it was projected to have, which means it will receive $423,867 less.

Citywide, Chicago Public Schools will receive $15.9 million less than was projected in July, according to Catalyst Chicago. In all, 367,499 students were counted.

Catalyst reported that 325 educators could lose their jobs because their school didn’t meet enrollment projections; teachers will be notified on Oct. 5 — the 20th day of school — if they will be laid off. Here’s the statement CPS issued Friday when it released enrollment data.

It wasn’t all bad news, as some West Side schools saw gains.

Milton Brunson Math and Science Specialty School was projected to have 499 students but had 522, so it will receive an additional $56,625. Michele Clark High School will get an additional $87,013 after recording 518 students, rather than the 510 it was expected to have enrolled.

And Frederick Douglass Academy High School had 236 students, up from 225. That will mean an additional $148,631 in funding.

To look up more schools and see additional funding information, click here.



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