What’s the real deal?

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Lately, there have been many meetings, street repairs and just gearing up for the election. We are seeing elected officials like we’ve never seen them before – all in the name of scoring brownie points as voters go to the polls.

The question you should ask is: Why now, why not anytime in the last four years?

To me, if you are working for the people, then the evidence should be in your work and not your talk.

Why haven’t our communities been important until now? Why have our voices not been heard until now, and when do we feel the neglect is enough?

Don’t pat me on the back and stab me at the same time with a smile on your face.

Our community receives no funds, even though residents are told we do. We have schools that have closed and a Walgreens that has left while we have plenty of pawn shops and liquor stores.

Is it enough for us to say work is being done and the community is thriving? No, it’s not.

We should be tired of settling and being sold out for personal gain. When will we the people realize the power we have and stand together and say enough is enough.

We have more outside organizations that are allowed in, and the organizations that are already working in the community can’t get support.

I have lived in this community 44 years, and I have experienced situations that could have been preventable if people were not so hung up on a title instead of the work actually being done.

An elected official’s job is to represent the people. And we the people have to hold our representatives accountable for not doing the job they are supposed to do.

Our communities are dying a slow death. Our youth are falling by the wayside; there are too many foreclosures and abandoned buildings; and our streets are filled with pot holes.

Corporations grow because of change and new ideas; our communities are also in need of new blood. We need to grow, property values need to increase and our education system needs to improve.

Change starts now. We don’t have to continue with the status quo.

There are many needs in our community that must be addressed not with just talk but action. People should not be penalized for speaking the truth or wanting better for their community.

We all play a part.

Empower yourself with knowledge of what’s going on in your community.

Get involved.

Ask yourself what’s the real deal, what’s really going on and how will it benefit you as a resident.

Don’t forget the saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

Then and only then can we really make a difference. What part will you play in making our community better?

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