Tribune continues its focus on Austin with story about pastor

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West Side minister John Abercrombie came under the Chicago Tribune’s spotlight Sunday in an article that described his work with City Hall and his well-to-do life in the suburbs.

The Tribune investigation “found that Abercrombie has at best a mixed record of success as a developer and landlord, mirroring city officials’ haphazard efforts to assist one of the city’s hardest-hit neighborhoods,” reporters David Jackson and Gary Marx wrote.

“The fast-food restaurant he built went out of business. He has racked up government liens for unpaid tax and water bills. And while Abercrombie lives in a suburban mansion and drives luxury vehicles, some tenants in his string of apartment buildings have endured substandard conditions and gone without heat,” Sunday’s story reads.

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This latest article comes just a few weeks after the Tribune reported that an Austin liquor store had received taxpayer money despite being bankrolled and launched by a convicted felon.

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