Talking about the church folks

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Now I know this will make some a little uneasy and may seem like an attack on churches and church folks. That’s not the case, but let me say this: If the shoe fits, wear it because this is reality.

We have many churches on the block, in the block, around the block, over the block and under the block.

Has anyone ever asked the question: what would happen if all the churches in this community would come outside their walls, what kind of effect would it have on the community? What do you think the impact would be, and how would it affect our neighborhoods and community as a whole?

The building is just that the building where you go to get rejuvenated.

YOU are the church. Everywhere you go, what you say and what you do, YOU are the church. Jesus did not stay in one spot; he went to and fro to do the will of his father, so why can’t we do that?

In one community meetings, attendees counted 90 churches between Madison and Chicago, but do you see the effect of 90 churches? Are these even real churches?

We are servants of God to be servants of others. It’s not about us but it is about JESUS.

We have gotten so far off track.

Again, let me say it’s not all pastors and churches; there are some feeding, giving out clothing and participating in changing the atmosphere of our community by going out to the people.

You can’t sit behind the four walls of your building and say you are serving the community when you go in and out like a revolving door. People only see the doors open on certain days during the week, then on Sunday here come the good church folks all dressed up sending a messed-up message.

No one is perfect, but the message of Christ is perfect and it is not confusing. He has given a clear message “Go Ye Therefore.”

We have a need in our community. The children need churches with gyms and programs that they can go tom and yet you will not open your doors or even attend any meeting to help change the situation.

The police have a presence, but God’s people have a purpose.

Driving around in your nice clean car with your nose turned up and your fancy suit with cuff links “blinging” is not the right message. It makes people wonder the status of your calling. Where you called or did you call yourself?

No, you can’t be at everything. It is all about the effort. Designate representatives to assist in the needs of the community.

We can no longer sit back in silence, with blinded eyes and deaf ears. You need to see and hear the cries of the community. We want the Lord to hear our cry and address our needs and wants.

There are faith-based meetings about the community, yet when only a few pastors show up, it makes you wonder, especially when the community residents and block club leaders are present, looking and counting.

God leads the pastor, and the pastor leads the sheep, giving them direction.

What direction and message are you really sending? How is it beneficial? Have you done all that you could in the community in which your church sits be comfortable with your efforts?

When you sit and watch and hear our youth being murdered, do you ask yourself, “Do we have men and women who can mentor in the community? What can we do to change the statistics? How can we come together to assist in our children’s education, tutoring and after-school programs?”

Are you representing Him like he asked you to?

I know service can be a lowly job, but it has great rewards. Our people are hurting, and it will take every resource to get our community back on track.

What about the church folks, what about them?

Renna Thomas has lived in the community for over 42 years. She loves conversation that “provokes a thought process” and helps “bring you back to reality.”

One thought on “Talking about the church folks

  1. Church?

    The way I see, it is hustling the community like a 1990s drug dealer. The Nino Brown of the Carter.

    I agree with you.

    There are too many preachers and not enough servants. Each storefront, self-designated apostle with two sheep to lead, convincing himself that he is no worse than the dread-locked youth that hang about the same corner six steps from where said apostle rents space for a self-gloating rant of a Jesus that is more stranger to him than Jerusalem.

    The preacher/drug dealer that deals drugs in his own community, pimps the congregation and flaunts the cheap Men’s Wharehouse suits swears that his calling came straight from God, but runs for every open political office.

    The exploiter. The charismatic crooner. The pastel-colored handkerchiefs matching the first lady’s wide brim. The false hope-bringer, but can’t gather enough clout to close the liquor store next door.

    The attention junkie. The marcher. The ghetto spokesman for every potential homicide. The Olivia Pope of the hood. The public relations spin doctor to every lower class crisis offering solutions that don’t require your work.

    Yes. No different than spirits bought from Belmonte Liquors. No more pure than the urine soaked cubby holes of gas station alleys. Like pigeons ever present, waiting for the first crumb to hit the concrete.

    May be a bit harsh, but I agree with writer.

    Pastors like Abercrombie, noted in past weeks Tribune article have no real intentions of contributing anything into the community. Ninety Churches are a bit extreme, but only tell the tale of a big problem.

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