Rep. Ford addresses Chicagoans about Colorado massacre and violence at home

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The recent massacre in Colorado was out of the norm for that community – therefore, experts and community leaders are searching for answers to the question of why this happened, and to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

They want to find reasons why a human being could commit such a horrific and senseless act of violence. I commend the leaders of that community for being proactive to prevent future disregard for life in their communities.

The next time we lose another life to a horrific and senseless act of violence, will we say that killing someone is not normal, and ask, why did this happen, and could this have been prevented?

The city of Chicago last year experienced over 341,918 crimes, including homicides (465), violent crimes (28,397) and other crimes (313,056).

With the needless, senseless deaths we are experiencing in Chicago, we must have the same will we see after any massacre and ask ourselves why? How could a human being commit such a horrific and senseless act of violence? We then need to put measures in place to prevent these crimes from continuing – because, whether it isĀ one life or 20 lives, the loss of life is a loss for our whole human race which we cannot afford.

La Shawn K. Ford

State Representative – Eighth District


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