Public hearings scheduled for new Chicago City Council map

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The Chicago City Council will hold two hearings this week on the redistricting process. The council is in the midst of deciding how to redraw the boundaries of Chicago’s 50 wards.

The meetings will be held at 6 p.m.:

  • Jan. 11 at DePaul University’s Cortelyou Commons, 2324 N. Freemont St.
  • Jan. 12 at Progressive Baptist Church, 3658 S. Wentworth, and 6 p.m.

Forty-one of the city’s 50 aldermen must agree on a map, or voters will get to weigh in on March 20 – primary day.

To see the current map, which has been in effect since the 2000 Census, as well as two of the maps being considered, click here.

One thought on “Public hearings scheduled for new Chicago City Council map

  1. I agree that the wards need to be reduced and merged. There’s too much dysfunction and very little productivity. Besides, this would be a way to reduce deficits.

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