Final redistricting hearing set for tonight

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The last public hearing on Chicago’s ward remapping will be held today from 6 to 9 p.m. at Grand High School, 4338 W. Wabansia Ave.

A Thursday City Council meeting scheduled to vote on Chicago’s new ward boundaries could be delayed until early next week if just two alderman request it, Ald. Richard Mell said Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Earlier this week, both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times reported the Chicago City Council had reached an agreement on the long-debated remap, which as currently proposed would include 18 majority African-American wards and 13 majority Latino wards.

That’s one less for blacks and three more for Hispanics due to a nearly 200,000 decrease┬áin the African-American population since 2000 and an approximately 25,000 increase┬áin the number of Latinos, reported Tribune reporter Hal Dardick.

The decision – announced weeks after the Dec. 1 deadline – came with much opposition from those who say the number of black wards should not be reduced.

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One thought on “Final redistricting hearing set for tonight

  1. The black aldermen lost 200,000 constituents because they simply didn’t do their jobs. I was looking forward to a reduction in wards from 50 to 25. Also, Rahm already decided, independent of his voters, how the wards were going to be split. His ego is going to be his demise.

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