High school students learn lessons at mock trial

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APA student Quan Trimble

By Quan Trimble, APA Junior

For the last few months, 12 Austin Polytechnical Academy students have been working with professor Don Moyer and his law students from The John Marshall Law School to learn about patent law.

In November, we visited John Marshall Law School to participate in a mock trial, which was a great learning experience. Students from John Marshall were very helpful and had great insight on how our court system works.

APA student Quan Trimble

We learned the different values of patent laws when receiving a patent for an invention. We were also evaluated on what we did well and the areas where we could improve.

These mock trials not only taught us the ways of the court room but also other skills we could use in the business world. Being a lawyer means that you must speak clearly and confidently so everyone understands what is being said and they know this is what you think and you’re sticking with it.

These are skills that can also be applied to the outside world and other jobs people may want. Another skill we’ve learned is being ready for anything and how to think quickly on your feet.

These trials are a team effort and you must rely on everyone on your team.

I believe that this is a good program, and I am looking forward to the next set of mock trials next year – and like always the next set of trials will probably be better than the last.

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