Ald. Ervin wants TIF dollars to fund green projects

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When Ald. Jason Ervin (28th) learned about an East Garfield Park resident’s plan to cut energy costs, he started looking for ways West Side residents could afford to install the same technology, he told our partners at the Austin Weekly News.

By using a hybrid wind turbine and solar panel system, Annette Britton has cut electricity costs by 30 percent. But the system came with a $30,000 price tag.

Ervin told the Austin Weekly News he is currently working on a proposal with the city’s Department of Environment and the Department of Housing and Economic Development, which oversees the city’s TIF program, to help pay for the cost of these systems in residential settings.

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2 thoughts on “Ald. Ervin wants TIF dollars to fund green projects

  1. I think the tif money could be used for more important things in the ward.why not start a company that makes the turbines and start creating jobs.really how ,any familys in the 28th ward are concerned about going green,as opposed to needing employment?

  2. That is exactly what it would do. The goal is to employ residents installing, selling, repairing, monitoring, and manufacturing green technologies; however we must have local customers. This would be a total benefit for Ward residents while using tax dollars, creating jobs, cutting high utility bills, AND helping the environment. A win-win-win.

    Also, we need to think about the high number of residents with ashtma and other respiratory problems, especially our youth and seniors. As more power is generated from coal fueled plants, and we have two within two miles of the 28th Ward, the greater these health risks become. Investment in renewable energy is not only going to save money, but more importantly, it will save lives.

    Please feel free to email me for further discussion on this topic. Thanks

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