Worried about losing your home or wanting to help others facing eviction?

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Are you facing eviction or foreclosure?
Do you want to help stop evictions and foreclosures?
Do you think it is wrong for people to be put out when banks get bailed out?
This Saturday morning, the Austin Chapter of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign will be reaching out to homeowners and tenants facing eviction from foreclosure. We always need more volunteers, so please join us if you can.
What: Austin Foreclosure Canvass
When: Saturday June 25, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Where: Meet in front of St. Martin’s, 5700 W. Midway Park (call 773-213-8388 in case of rain)
If you can make it, let Simon Swartzman know at e-mailing simon.swartzman@gmail.com or calling 773-213-8388

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