Information shared at sex education workshop

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By Vikia Thurman

VOISE students attended with Dr. Allison an “After I Met A Boy” event where they learned about sex and relationships in a fun way. Students from other high schools also were there if they had a ticket from their school.

“I think the ‘After I Met a Boy’ event was very inspiring, and it helps young women to understand the purpose of relationships,” said junior Kiisha Long.

Junior Tatiana August said the most important part of the event, held in December, was the poet. “I thought the poet was very motivational and very entertaining.”

The girls attended two workshops – “$1,000 Baby” and “Sex is fun until.”

“Sex is fun until” talked about the dangers of sex, such as  STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and pregnancy.

The “$1,000 Baby” game was about having enough money to take care of and support your child, which was an egg. “I thought the game was a good way to teach teen girls the responsibility of parenthood,” said Kiisha.

Junior Tatiana August said, “I didn’t really learn much from it because I already knew most of it, but it was helpful.”

The event ended with organizers passing out condoms and giving girls a chance to get tested for STDs.

“I think it was a good idea to give out condoms because some girls need condoms and need to learn how to protect themselves,” Tatiana said.

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