Students, teachers debate whether food brought from home is OK

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By Brittany Douglas

Should students be allowed to bring their own lunch to school? YES!

Students should have the privilege to bring their own lunch to eat at anytime, because sometimes the school lunch is not good or healthy, and we should be able to have the choice of what food we eat.

We don’t have a food court to choose from – like some other schools. We just have one option five days a week, and it’s not fair.

Freshman Sylvester Miller agrees: “We should be able to bring our own lunch because the school lunch is not satisfying.”

But freshman Jonerrick Miller thinks eating should be confined to the lunch room: “No, our classes would be messy because students wouldn’t focus.”

Teachers can  bring their own lunch and eat it anytime, even during class, so why can’t students bring their lunch to eat when they are hungry but not disrupting class.

But Freshman P.E teacher Mr, Mathis said, “Students are not responsible enough to bring their own lunch, because it’s not good around the laptops and the students who do not have food will feel left out.”

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Students, teachers debate whether food brought from home is OK

  1. I think we should bring our own lunch. They don’t want us to die do they!?! We did it in kindergarten, why not high school?

  2. I agree Brittany; they say the whole point of giving lunch is to give us energy throughout the day. However, students are not eating lunch and they are not getting their energy. So, they need to rethink that choice of not letting us choose our own lunch.

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