Domestic violence harms teens

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By Whittney Wright

Imagine you are getting abused every day in your home or in a relationship for no reason.

What would you do if you were a teenager going through domestic violence? How would you get yourself out of this situation?

A lot of teens go through this every day, and this is one of the biggest problems in society today.

“It makes teens feel badly about themselves,” said Adrienne Otkins, a social worker at V.O.I.S.E Academy. “It causes them to have a hard time focusing in school and doing their best.”

Teens all over the world face domestic violence either in their home or in a relationship. This is a problem; teens shouldn’t have to go through this. Abusing teens is not good, that is not the way to live. Domestic violence is not right.

Teens that are going through this need help, so they can learn to cope with things.

“Resources should be provided, so they can get professional help,” said Corey Haley, a teacher at V.O.I.S.E Academy.

Abused people often blame themselves because they feel like they are the reason it’s happening.

“People blame themselves of low self-esteem,” Haley said.

What teens need to realize is that it’s not their fault when people choose to hurt them.

“It creates criminals because it makes people go out and do crazy things,” said Raven Moss, a junior at V.O.I.S.E Academy.

We as citizens should do something to help those who are getting abused. More help should be provided for those who are getting abused; we also should find a way to prevent this from happening.

“The police and DCFS should get more involved because teens need to be protected,” Haley said.

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  1. I like your article very much because I understand the importance of domestic abuse. Next time, I would like you to go deeper in this issue because it really caught my attention and I was looking for more. Otherwise, good job.

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