The spotlight is on Ms. Mendez

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By Whittney Wright

Ms. Mendez, the sophomore Spanish teacher at V.O.I.S.E. Academy High School, was voted teacher of the month by the sophomores. For a new teacher, that is a very big accomplishment. A lot of students really like her. Who would have thought a new teacher could accomplish something like this?

Ms. Mendez is from Chicago.

“My favorite color is navy blue and purple, and my favorite food is pizza,” she said.

Ms. Mendez loves teaching at V.O.I.S.E. Academy because the teachers really care about the students, and she likes to help people.

She wanted to become a teacher because she likes working with youth and helping them reach their goals.

“My job is fun, and I want my students to be successful,” she said.

“Ms. Mendez is very patient with the students,” said Keara Baker, a sophomore at V.O.I.S.E. Academy.

“I don’t regret being a teacher because I like to teach, and my job is fun,” said Ms. Mendez.

This was a defining moment in her life because she saw the impact teachers can have on students.

“Ms. Mendez gives us support toward excellence,” said Jade Young, another sophomore at V.O.I.S.E. Academy.

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  1. I think whittney wrote a very interesting feature about a teacher who is very concerned and motivated with her students ability to learn and her ability to teach. I hope her first year at V.O.I.S.E Academy is very successful and i hope she reaches her goal.

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