School spirit for Austin Tigers

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By Amber Richardson

Recently, the most extraordinary school spirit was given to the Austin Tigers at their homecoming game by parents, teachers, and students. School spirit and support encourages students and teams to strive to win.

Inside Austin campus, there are three schools on each floor: V.O.I.S.E Academy, Austin Polytechnical Academy, and Austin Business and Entrepreneurship Academy. Though there are three different schools, they come together in campus sports.

“I think that binding the three schools together can help stop a lot of feuds between the schools,” said V.O.I.S.E. junior Raven Moss.

Students not only support their school but also their team as one. They feel it’s important to come to these games to lift the teams up.

Jasmine Williams says that it’s important to come to the games, so you can support school and cheer along the way.

Not only do students come to the games, the parents come as well.

Amonte Duke (#10) is an Austin Tigers football player. His mother, Terrica Duke, attended the game.  She says that this was her first game and that she prayed and hoped that the team would win.

Some parents think sports will help their child to grow and mature.

Christopher Thompson (#36) is an Austin Tiger football player. His mother Kimyotta Thompson says that playing football helped her child to become disciplined.

Ms. Desiree Maclin, V.O.I.S.E. Academy clerk, says that playing football shows team work, structure, and maturity.

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