Are teens capable of really loving someone?

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By Raven Moss

Teen love is something that is very popular. From TV shows, movies, and even books, teen love is something people crave for their entertainment purposes. But for some people, teen love is not just entertainment, it’s life. Which brings us to the question: Do teens really know what love is?

“Love is too powerful for teens to understand,” says junior Ramone Simmons. He believes that teens confuse sex with love and that they’re too young to really understand the meaning of true love. So, he does not think teens know what love is. It seems as if some people think teens have not gone through enough experiences to understand the whole concept.

It seems like people have different inputs on where love comes from. Some say love comes from the heart, not from your age. But some people think that at a certain age, you don’t know what love is.

Ms. Ward, who teaches juniors at V.O.I.S.E., stated that she thinks teens know what love is because they are more open minded than older people. Older people are more mature and serious, while teens are more open minded to new ideas, like, love.

Sydney Miller, a junior, said, “Teens get confused with the word love.”

When someone says “I love you,” it does not most likely mean that they are in love with you.

A lot of people get confused with that and end up with their heart broken.

Goldy Young, a junior in a teen relationship, says that age shows a lot in a relationship. “Younger teens really don’t know what love is compared to older teens, around the ages 16 and up. All because they have not went through enough experiences to know what it is.”

Do teens really know what love is?

“Love has no face,” said Katie Moss, a 50-year-old woman who has been through a lot of relationships. Love is something that is viewed in many different ways.

12 thoughts on “Are teens capable of really loving someone?

  1. I think that teen are capable of loving someone because you can’t stop the heart for loving. All you have to do is really mean what you say and not try and hurt a person.

  2. NICE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!! i like how you expresses love that’s going on around the world but you really right doe and love is a big deal and sex is not always the case. you can go out alot or spend time in the house without having sex.

  3. I absolutely love this article ( Personally!] I love the fact that you stated “someone who says they love you doesn’t mean that they are in love with you” and teens in our time now still don’t understand that, and i like that there are some teens who do.

    Good Job! =)

  4. I agree with Sydney Miller stating that teens get confused with the word love. I say this because teens just say the word i love you to make a relationship more interesting when they really don’t mean it.

  5. I agree that love is confused. Lots don’t know what it is because they are too young to understand it. Maybe when they are older because they haven’t been through enough.

  6. I believe some teens are capable of knowing love.
    The thing is, I would view it as very few people in the world know true love, at least immediately…

    Some people THINK they know love
    Some people think this from time, experience, and events that has happened. (They think just because their age and relationships say love, that it is)
    but honestly, who’s to say a 13 year-old-girl wouldn’t know more about love than a 70-year-old woman?

    I rather believe that sex isn’t love… just a way to express love/reproduce with your commited spouse, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    In the end, when you’re old and the most you can do is just walk around and talk, wouldn’t you rather have someone you love that shares your likes and interests to talk to? Rather than to staring at a person you used for their body (which is now aged) assuming that you both are still together…

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