Free citizen watchdog training in Austin

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Are you tired of fraud and corruption in government?  Are you ready to do something about it? Become a BGA Citizen Watchdog!

In two free sessions, the Better Government Association will teach regular citizens how to keep an eye on government.  The idea is simple:  if we keep a watchful eye on government and its officials, they will do a better job serving the people.  The BGA’s Citizen Watchdog Training empowers citizens with the tools of journalism to examine government and demand the changes they want to see.

The BGA is building an army of dedicated watchdogs throughout the city and state who will keep an eye on government and keep the public informed about issues in their communities. We’ll partner with these watchdogs to publish stories on the BGA’s Web site and with our media partners.  We’ll also work with watchdogs to push for reforms where needed.

During the four hours of free training , citizens will learn exactly how to keep a watch on government. We’ll have veteran investigative journalists and legal professionals leading sessions on understanding your government and the ins and outs of the Illinois Open Meetings Act and the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.  We’ll also touch on some basic reporting skills, and hear from regular citizens who are involved and making a difference in their communities. On. Nov. 29, there will be representatives from the Raise Your Hand for Illinois Public Education, a coalition of parents and schools who are working together “to influence state and local officials to provide appropriate, equitable and sustained funding for public education.”

When: 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, Nov. 29 & Monday, Dec. 6
Where: Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory High School, 5088 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60644

Watch a video and learn more about Citizen Watchdog Training.

To RSVP for the training in Austin, click here.

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